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Enhorabuena Fiends

Ya hace algún tiempo pude recuperar el dominio del blog y parte de las entradas, desde el principio hasta Enero de 2009, ha sido mucho lo que no pude recuperar, y de lo que queda la mayor parte seguramente esté off-line... pero bueno, aquí esta para lo que pueda servir.

Lo he dejado mas o menos visible pero no creo que siga tuneandolo y por el momento no estoy muy animado para seguir actualizandolo, aún así en los proximos días voy a intentar obligarme a hacer una entrada diaria (ya veremos) y quizás cón el tiempo recupere la ilusión y este blog regrese
definitivamente de entre los muertos.


Congratulations Fiends

Some time ago I was able to regain the blog domain and some of the entries from the beginning until January 2009, has been much that I could not recover, and what is most likely to be off-line ... but hey, here's to what it is worth.

I've left more or less visible but I do not follow tuneandolo and so far I am not very encouraged to continue to update, yet in the coming days I will try to force me to make a daily entry  and may recover over time illusion and this blog will definitely come back from the dead.

viernes, noviembre 2

Video - Cine

UPDATE (07-Feb-08)


·Ghouls (The Other) - Intro + Halloween, Cobra Solingen (29 MB)
·Ghouls (The Other) - Halloween 2002 Underground Köln (2,2 MB)
·Ghouls (The Other) - Misfits feat. Rod in Haarlem (3,5 MB)
·Ghouls (The Other) - Diana - live im AZ Mülheim, 16.01.200
·Ghouls (The Other) - Dig up her bones - live im AZ Mülheim
·Michale Graves
·Misfits & :Misfits & Misfits
·Misfits - Project 1950 DVD rip

·The Cramps - Live @ Napa State Mental Hospital 1978
·The Horrors - Sheena is a Parasite
·The Other - Beware of Ghoul (Oberhausen, 22.10.2004)
·Tiger Army
·Wednesday 13 - I Walked With A Zombie
·Voodoo Zombie



·Amanecer De Los Muertos
·Die You Zombie Bastards! (Film)
·El Día De Los Muertos
·El Regreso De Los Muertos Vivientes
·Entrevista con el Vampiro
·Evil Dead/Posesion Infernal

·Ghost Rider (Only Spanish)
·Interview With The Vampire
·La Noche De Los Muertos Vivientes
·La Noche De Los Muertos Vivientes (Remake)
·La Tierra De Los Muertos Vivientes
·(Mas) Vampiros En La Habana
·Zombi 2
·Zombie Nosh




·3000 Lunas (only in spanish)
·7337 (only in spanish)
·A Mano (Only In Spanish)
·A Veces el Dolor (Only In Spanish)
·Amazing Unmasked (Only In Spanish)
·Batman Dead End
·Biohazard 4D Executer
·Discover Films (only in spanish)
·El Corazón Delator (only in spanish)
·El Monstruo (only in spanish)
·El Perdón (only in spanish)
·El Psicopata De La Bolsa (Only Spanish)
·El Tren De La Bruja (only in spanish)
·Elevated ( Elevados )
·Evil Dead: Return To The Woods
·Freddy vs Ghostbusters
·Freddy vs Jay And Silent Bob
·Hasta La Muerte (Till Death)
·Hasta Los Huesos (only in spanish)
·Himenoptero (only in spanish)
·I´ll See You In My Dreams
·Impacto Nupcial (only in spanish)
·In Good Hands (Only In Spanish)
·La Hora Ricky (Only In Spanish)
·Le Jeune Homme Et La Mort
·Los tres cerditos-The three piggies
·Martians Go Home! (only in spanish)
·Mirindas Asesinas (only in spanish)
·Mucha Sangre 2 (only in spanish)
·Necrovirus (only in spanish)
·Nosferatu Tango
·Pesadilla En San Garcia 2 (only in spanish)
·Por Un Infante Difunto (only in spanish)
·Siete Lunas (only in spanish)
·Silencio Intrigoso (only in spanish)
·Superman VS Michael Myers
·Tea Break
·The Insane (only in spanish)
·The Las Halloween
·The Nightmare Ends On Halloween
·Ultima Necat
·Ya No Puede Caminar (only in spanish)
·Zero Day


·Masters Of Horror


·Joe Zombie
·Tint Red

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