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Ya hace algún tiempo pude recuperar el dominio del blog y parte de las entradas, desde el principio hasta Enero de 2009, ha sido mucho lo que no pude recuperar, y de lo que queda la mayor parte seguramente esté off-line... pero bueno, aquí esta para lo que pueda servir.

Lo he dejado mas o menos visible pero no creo que siga tuneandolo y por el momento no estoy muy animado para seguir actualizandolo, aún así en los proximos días voy a intentar obligarme a hacer una entrada diaria (ya veremos) y quizás cón el tiempo recupere la ilusión y este blog regrese
definitivamente de entre los muertos.


Congratulations Fiends

Some time ago I was able to regain the blog domain and some of the entries from the beginning until January 2009, has been much that I could not recover, and what is most likely to be off-line ... but hey, here's to what it is worth.

I've left more or less visible but I do not follow tuneandolo and so far I am not very encouraged to continue to update, yet in the coming days I will try to force me to make a daily entry  and may recover over time illusion and this blog will definitely come back from the dead.

viernes, noviembre 30

HorrorPunk: Index

(Update: 07-Feb-08)

De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

El Horror punk es un derivado del punk, que encuentra sus influencias en el Horror Rock y fundamentalmente en el cine Serie B. La temática de las letras van desde el diablo, la muerte, monstruos, otras dimensiones, zombies etc. Se caracteriza por un sonido más oscuro que puede lidiar con lo gótico, aunque la textura de su poesía bien podría acercarse al sarcasmo o a lo bizarro (ver cine serie B). La banda que más hizo resaltar al horror punk fue sin duda alguna The Misfits.

Iconos del cine bizarro o serie B:

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Friday 13th


Horror punk (or horror rock) is a music genre that has origins in the early works of the band The Misfits, blending horror movie themes with early punk rock and varying amounts of doo-wop.

Bands tell tales through their lyrics, which are often influenced by horror movies, pa

rticularly those with werewolves, vampires and zombies. Some bands incorporate influences from heavy metal and gothic rock, and prefer the label horror rock. Other bands show heavy influences from Hardcore punk, and are often described as horror hardcore. Examples of horrorpunk bands: Misfits, Samhain (both bands created by Glenn Danzig), The Undead with ex-misfits guitarist Bobby Steele and the band Mourning Noise with Steve Zing on drums.

The genre has a thriving underground following, with websites and festivals. In the 2000s, the genre has seen some mainstream success, with the bands Murderdolls and Wednesday 13.

Horror punk fashion

The best example of horror punk fashion can be found in the band The Misfits. While looking somewhat similar to other late-1970s punk rock bands and fans, the band took a darker approach to its style. They wore items such as black clothing, skeleton costumes, skull face paint — and styled their hair into devilocks. Horror punk style is similar to goth and deathrock fashions, in that black is the predominant color, and that individuals often incporporate "sexy" items such as fishnet stockings, corsets and elaborate make-up for men and women. The use of occult and horror imagery is prevalent on T-shirts, buttons, patches and jewellery. Hair may be in mohawk form, teased out, or in the devilock style.

What goes next is a series of links to others blogs, webs or forums where you will be able to unload discs or films here listing

Lo que va a continuación es una serie de links a otros blogs, webs o foros donde podras descargar los discos o películas



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